• […] Open a Command Prompt window. In Windows XP, click Start, Run…, and type cmd.exe. In Windows Vista and Windows 7, run an elevated Command Prompt. […]

  • Thanks for sharing this informative stuff. Recently I upgraded my Windows 7 to 10 OS. I access this command prompt from start menu.
    1. Click on the Start button.

    2. In installed apps section scroll down until you find Windows System folder. Click on the down arrow and you will find Command prompt under it.

    3. Make right click on Command Prompt -> More -> Run as administrator.
    or you can Run Elevated Command Prompt from File Explorer

    1. Launch File Explorer. For that, Press WIN + E keyboard keys.

    2. And navigate to the following folder:

    C:\Windows\System32 folder

    3. Use the search box and type cmd.exe to file Command Prompt application.
    When it appears in the search result make a right click and Run as Administrator.

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