Hiding a Logical Disk Volume using Group Policies

Today I’m going to show you another method of hiding a logical volume in My Computer or Windows Explorer using Local Group Policies. This is useful because the setting can be made on a per user basis.

Remember to backup your registry before making any changes!

  1. Type regedit in the Run… dialog box to open the Registry Editor.
  2. Navigate to the following key:


  3. Click on Explorer.
  4. Select the “NoDrives” key in the right column. If there isn’t one you can create one by right-clicking in the right hand pane and choosing New > Binary value.
  5. You will now create a value similar to “0000 00 00 00 00”. You will need to calculate the proper bit settings for the drives you wish to hide using the table below.

    1 – A I Q Y
    2 – B J R Z
    4 – C K S
    8 – D L T
    16 – E M U
    32 – F N V
    64 – G O W
    80 – H P X

    You’ll notice that our Binary value has four 2-digit groups. The first is for drives A-H, the second for I-P, the third for Q-X, and the fourth for Y-Z. Each of those drive letters also has a corresponding value in the table above. Setting the 2-digit value equal to the drive letter value in the table will hide the drive.

    For example, to hide the E drive you would find the corresponding value (16) in the table. Then you would set the first group’s value to 16 (16 00 00 00). To hide the K drive you would set the second group to 4 (00 04 00 00) and so on. If you wish to hide multiple drive letters in the same group, you may add their values together.

  6. Edit the NoDrives value using the method described in the last step.
  7. Reboot your computer or log off the current user for changes to take effect.


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