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Windows Guru fans the world around will be pleased to know that you can now follow most of my activity thanks to Twitter. I’m now using the social networking site designed to help people stay in touch as a convenient means of tracking my various contributions across the Internet. Now it’s easier to stay up to date on the latest Windows Guru contributions such as published articles, noteworthy forum posts, and more. So for all of my latest and greatest Windows and Windows Scripting material, be sure to follow me on Twitter!

You’ll also notice the addition of a TwitThis button on every post. This is a convenient and easy way to share Windows Guru content with your friends and colleagues without having to leave the page or copy and paste any URLs. TwitThis is a third-party service that auto-magically sends a link to a blog post along with a short description to all of your friends on Twitter. They assure that the process is completely secure and that your login credentials are not stored. So don’t forget to share the Windows Guru goodness with all of your friends by clicking the TwitThis button on every post!

Finally, don’t forget that you can also share great Windows Scripting content by adding to your Technorati Favorites.

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As always, thanks so much for sharing and don’t forget to !


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1 Comment

  • Whoa… this site is pretty awesome 🙂 your layout is really well designed, and your blogs are (judging from what i’ve read) very interesting. heehee… consider yourself favorited. 😛

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