A Brief Hiatus?

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Brief hiatus, anyone?

It’s been quite some time since I’ve added any new content to this blog. This is partially due to the fact that my career has taken some turns and the amount of free time I have doesn’t seem to outweigh my obligations quite the way that it used to. It has also been due, in part, to internal conflict.

For many years, I have been providing support for Windows technologies in magazines and forums across the internet — an effort that has earned the name Windows Guru by some of my dedicated readers. Over those many years, I have provided support for software that I liked.

I’ve been less than pleased with recent releases from Microsoft. In fact, with Windows 8 and Office 2013, I flat out don’t like them. So much so, in fact, that Linux has been getting much more use than in times past including a permanent install on one of my laptops. My other personal machines will never see upgrades to the current MS offerings. This is has left me in quite a position. Do I hang up my hat or continue supporting software that I no longer believe in or use?

After much debate, I have decided to continue supporting the new versions. Partially because I am unable to escape them for the foreseeable future at work, but mostly because I wish to continue my dedication toward my readers by providing a service that I love to provide. With that being said, let’s see those questions coming in. Ask the Windows Guru!

Twitter Updates for 2010-07-10

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Nilpo.com announces new Windows forum site!

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The Windows Guru is getting bigger! Nilpo.com is in the process of being rebuilt into a larger, more robust Windows and Windows Scripting reference site. As a part of these upcoming changes, the Ask the Windows Guru blog here at Nilpo.com will be moving to a new domain that will feature full Windows references, documentation, tips and tricks, tutorials, downloads, and more along with all new, great content from the Windows Guru. The new site will focus on Windows Scripting, system administration, and some web related content. The site will also be host to a new set of forums for Windows Help, Windows Scripting, Office Automation, ASP help, and other Windows-related topics.

The new site will be undergoing a lot of changes throughout this transition period, but the new Windows Scripting Forums are already live and ready for use.


On January 14, 2020, the same will be true for Windows 7. Even if people discover huge security holes that affect Windows 7, Microsoft won’t issue you security updates. You’re on your own.

Sure, you can run antivirus tools and other security software to try protecting yourself, but antivirus is never perfect. Running software with the latest security updates is important, too. Antivirus is just one layer of defense. And even security programs will gradually drop support for older versions of Windows. If you happen to need help you need to contact IT support, and the San Antonio managed IT services are replacing full time IT workers all across Texas so the first thing you need is to contact them to manage your issue.

Microsoft will keep making security updates for Windows 7, even though you can’t get them. Large organizations can sign “custom support” contracts to keep getting security updates for a period while they transition to a new operating system. Microsoft ratchets up the price going forward to encourage those organizations actually to move to a new version of Windows. The same thing happened with Windows XP.

You can also stop by the new site at http://www.windowsscript.com/ and subscribe to the mailing list in order to receive email updates of site additions.

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