2008 Microsoft Scripting Games

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As 2007 comes to a close, the Scripting Guys over at Microsoft are earnestly preparing laurel wreathes and scripting challenges in preparation for their upcoming Scripting Games. As a participant this year, I will again be competing in next year’s challenge and I urge all of you to do the same. So let’s take a moment to see exactly what the Scripting Games are and how you can prepare for them.

Ok, ok. “So what are the Scripting Games?” You ask.

Every year the guys in the Microsoft Script Center put together an open-enrollment contest with a chance to win some recognition and cool prizes for those who display the ability to use Microsoft’s scripting technologies.

These challenges are designed to test your knowledge of basic scripting techniques as well as the ability to solve problems using scripts. The challenges are broken down into divisions based on scripting language and level of expertise so anyone can participate regardless of your experience.

For examples, head over to the Scripting Games page and check out the events from years past.

Why should you participate?

The Scripting Games provide an excellent opportunity for you to test your scripting skills while offering a chance to compete against other scripters from around globe. Do you have what it takes to be a scripting champion?

Oh, and who cares if your not that good at scripting. Prizes are offered based on scores, but there are also random prizes just for participating! You have absolutely nothing to lose and an excellent opportunity to help yourself improve.

The games begin February 15 and run through March 3, 2008 so you’ve still got time to prepare.

Take some time to browse through the Script Center archive or to play around with some scripts of your own. And remember, if you stuck along the way just stop back here and Ask the Windows Guru! (Who, by the way, received a Certificate of Excellence–signed by the REAL Scripting Guys–for achievements in the Advanced VBScript Division of last year’s games.)

When you’re ready to participate, don’t forget to stop back here and let us know. I’d love to see how Nilpo.com readers hold up in the competition.

In any case, good luck to everyone who participates and don’t forget to have fun!

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