Disable Writing to Block Storage Devices on USB Buses

A USB block storage device is an external (and generally portable) storage device that connects to your computer via a Universal Serial Bus port. They are becoming quite commonplace as of late. These devices include typical USB storage devices such as thumb drives, JumpDrives, and flash hard drives and some not-so-common ones such as iPods and digital cameras.

While these devices are great for transferring and transporting data easily, it is for that reason that they pose a huge security risk for corporations and organizations who are concerned with protecting valuable data. Because these devices are so easy to carry and use, they are being used more and more often in data theft cases.

For this reason, many corporations are now looking to restrict their use on computer systems and you may wish to do the same. Service Pack 2 for Windows XP addressed this issue directly with the addition of a registry value that will disable all write operations to block storage devices via USB adapters. To add this simply add or edit the following registry value.

Key Location Setting Name Default Value Possible Values
WriteProtect DWORD=0 0 – Disabled
1 – Enabled

If you are not comfortable making these changes manually, you can use one of the script files provided below.



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  • Just what I needed. Nice and easy as well.

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